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Reporting Posts

Discussion in 'Rules & Regulations' started by Ocean, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. Ocean

    Ocean Tigrox = Tiger + Fox + Awesome Former Staff

    Hey everyone, just your friendly neighbourhood mod Ocean here!
    As we all work hard to make this a growing community of awesome, sometimes we get those bad eggs and a mod isn't around! What can you do!?

    Well it's come to my attention that some of you haven't noticed we have a great feature for all you young justice fighters out there. You'll notice in the bottom left corner of every post is a red triangle. That's like your Bat signal to us the mods. This also applies to PMs sent to you. The reporting triangle is in the top right for PMs.

    If someone is harassing you, saying things they shouldn't, posting items that are not for a general audience or you notice anything that is going against the rules of the board, click that button! It will pop up a page where you can report that post and it will be sent to all the mods. We can then do our best to rush in and save the day! But remember with great power comes great responsibility, so please don't abuse that button. We as mods, review all the reports and infractions given.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or any one else on the AF admin team. We're here for you!

    and remember, only you can prevent board abuse!
  2. Ocean

    Ocean Tigrox = Tiger + Fox + Awesome Former Staff

    I should make a note here for future reference:

    Please do not abuse the report button. If there's an argument going on in a thread, you don't need to report every post a person says. Just one report so we know where the issue is and can look into it. Abuse of the report button can lead to infractions.

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